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Total, Tønsberg, Norway Ularm, Kongsvinger, Norway
Mørketidsrock, Gildeskål, Norway
Café Mir, Oslo, Norway
Saxstock Festival, Frauenhain, Germany
Gjerstad Rock Festival, Gjerstad, Norway
UKA Bodø, Bodø, Norway
Skuret, Oslo, Norway
Sub Scene, Oslo, Norway
Mørketidsrock, Gildeskål, Norway
Gamla, Oslo, Norway
Nordic Night, Oslo, Norway
Dr Rock, Oslo, Norway
Livestock, Alvdal, Norway
Rødekors convention, Horten, Norway
HiS, Oslo, Norway
His, Oslo, Norway
Sub Scene, Oslo, Norway
Solpub - Uglebo, Oslo, Norway
Gamla (release party “Deadline”), Oslo, Norway
3B, Trondheim, Norway
Niss, Oslo, Norway
Nordic Night, Oslo, Norway
Solpub – U1 Kjelleren, Oslo, Norway
HiS, Oslo, Norway
John Dee, Oslo, Norway
URRA, Oslo, Norway
Verkstedet, Oslo, Norway
Langstranda, Bodø, Norway
Nesjarheim, Stavern, Norway
RMR, Andenes, Norway
Gimle, Bodø, Norway
Tverlandshallen Christmas Show, Tverlandet, Norway
OD-Rock, Bodø, Norway
Musikkfestuka, Bodø, Norway
Musikkfestuka, Bodø, Norway
Musikkfestuka, Bodø, Norway
Upon This Rock, Risøya, Norway
RMR, Andenes, Norway
Nesjarheim, Stavern, Norway
Nesjarheim, Stavern, Norway



The final production meeting
4th of March 2013
Fastlane Flower @ YouTube

Hi there!
14th of february 2013

Fastlane Flower had no webmaster, and the webpage has unfortunately suffered under this. Social media like facebook etc. have been our primary communication channels during this period. We have now taken care of this, and it will be possible to follow the band on our official website, and in social media.

We can announce that in the course of the past six months we have managed to make enough material to start the recording process of the second album, now in February 2013. Expectations about when to be finished, and other practical things in context of the recording process is something we have to come back to later. The only thing we know for sure is that we will keep you well informed throughout the process. We are looking forward to this journey, and we are excited to let you be a part of it.

A short update.
31st of may 2012

Fastlane Flower is now the proud owner of our very own bandmobile, a investment that will now make it easier to transport the band and the equipment between concerts and festivals. We have booked some new gigs, and we are working on some more. See the list on the left on the page. We have been worked on new material, and we are almost ready to record album No. 2 More info on this will be posted later.

Fastlane Flower is coming to Bodø!
21st of february 2012

Fastlane Flower is finally going to play in Bodø. The show well be held at Sinus, and is presented by UKA 12.
Support: Sacramental Fall
CC: 150 NOK

Facebook Event

Konsert på Skuret!
23th of november 2011

Fastlane Flower will be playing with Garden Of from Trondheim at Skuret in Oslo this friday, the 25th of november. CC: 50NOK. This may be your last chance to see Fastlane Flower live this year.

Garden Of logo Skuret Oslo @ GoogleMaps
Facebook Event

Thank you, Nygårdsjøen!
7th of nowember 2011

Fastlane Flower had a fantastic weekend at Nygårdsjøen during Mørketidsrock festival. We thank all of you who attended and those who have worked to create and imlement this fantastic festival. Not least, we thank Wigdis Korsvik and Tor Sommernes for pleasant and royal treatment during our stay.

Fastlane Flower at Mørketidsrock

Photo: Wigdis Korsvik

23th of october 2011

Fastlane Flower will be playing at Gamla in Oslo this saturday the 29th of october. Don't miss this chance to see Fastlane Flower, Third Brigade and Jane Helen, three awesome bands, at the same night.

Click the image above for more info.

Nordic Fest 2011
13th of october 2011
Nordic Fest 2011

Fastlane Flower will be playing at SubScene Oslo thursday 20th of october at 7PM.

Dare To Be Great
21th of july 2011
Fastlane Flower @ YouTube

Reviews summary:
8th of july 2011

Ni låter tikker inn på 42 minutter på «Deadline». Fastlane Flower mener alvor. AVISA NORDLAND

Fastlane Flower provides a mighty wall of sound. The guitars are heavy and the tight rythm-group is pushing forward. But many bands can do that. What lifts the norwegians off from their competitors and what makes them a bit unique is that they managed to embedd sensitive melodies and great hooks to their predominantly heavy sound. FFM ROCK (DE)

Read more

Wisteria Lane Concept LIVE with dubbing
2th of april 2011
Fastlane Flower @ YouTube

Album reviews
4th of february 2011

We have received numorous reviews of our debut album "Deadline".
You can read them here:

These are norwegian sites translated into english with Google Translate.

First review!
25th of january 2011

We thank Stein Eriksen for a nice review of our album.
Read the review at NORSKMUSIKK.ORG

Deadline is out now!
24th of january 2011

Today is the day we have been longing for.
"Deadline", our debut album we have worked on for the past year is finally out.
Thanks to our partner Nordic Records the album is available at your local record shop in Norway or at various online stores.


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